Hi there! If you've clicked this link, you've probably found me through Instagram and had a question about me or what I do. Here are a few questions I get pretty regularly so you can get a better idea about who I am, what I do and what my photo process is like!


Q: Who are you and where are you located?
A: My name is Steven Sites and I am based in a small town in Maryland about 20 minutes north of Washington, DC.


Q: Do I have potential to model?
A: Everyone has potential! However, as you'll most likely notice by my portfolio, I work with a very specific look. This isn't because I think any certain type of person is better than any other, but because it fits the type of style that I enjoy photographing. I may not get back to you on this question; don't take it personally! Everyone could model if they find the right photographer and I just might not be the photographer for you!


Q: Can you travel to me to photograph me?
A: Sometimes! I travel whenever possible and if I get enough requests to come to a certain city, I'll definitely add it to my list. However, these sort of trips are paid for out of my own pocket so unless you're willing to help cover some of my travel expenses, I will only be able to get to your city when I have a chance.


Q: Why are you so adamant about people following you if they contact you about modeling?
A: This one is a bit of a touchy subject. As photography is not my full time job, a lot of what I do is for free because I love what I do. Almost all of my models are my friends, not clients. I only work with people who follow my pages because the service I provide for free is actually very valuable and can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. I offer these free shoots only to people who are supportive of me and my work and are not simply reaching out to me for the attention. I do not intend to feed your ego - I will support you if you support me! If that support stops in the form of an unfollow, my support for you will cease as well. Please don't take it personally but I have no interest in providing a very expensive service to someone for free if they don't even respect and like my work enough to follow it on social media.


Q: Why aren't you following me back if I follow and support you?
A: @sjpsphotography is actually not my main Instagram account and I do follow people on my personal account if they're someone I work with or would like to keep up with. Instagram now puts a limit on how many people you can follow at 7500. I would follow everyone back if I could to show my appreciation but unfortunately that logistically is not possible on Instagram.


Q: I messaged you but haven't gotten a response. What gives?
A: Photography is not my full time job. I work 40 hours a week in DC in real estate and while I may have the time to post a photo once or twice a day, I rarely have the time to sit down and respond to messages properly the way they deserve to be acknowledged. Because of this, I do need to prioritize my responses and unfortunately can't get back to every single message I receive.


Q: Why do you offer free photoshoots?
A: I do what I do for free because I love to do it! When I am hired by a client, I am at their mercy. They may hire me for my artistic style but I still have to give them the exact product they want, which means my artistic vision and integrity have to be compromised in order to fulfill the agreement we make. I take photos for fun because it allows me to create something I'm proud of and gives me an opportunity to give back to people who support me and what I do. 


Q: I've seen photographers and "modeling agencies" on Instagram before and they're pretty sketchy. How can I trust you?
A: I encourage everyone to do their research, even on me! Unfortunately there are a lot of people on the internet who will jump at the chance to take advantage of someone and all I can do is discuss with you and give you an idea of who I am as a person to help you feel as comfortable and confident in me as possible. If you're thinking about modeling for me, strike up a conversation! Ask how my day was or what I'll be doing this weekend. Get to know me and I can assure you you won't be hesitant anymore.