How to Properly Inquire About a Photoshoot on Instagram


If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen that I very often invite anyone and everyone to contact me about modeling. I'm always looking for new people to work with, but sometimes it can be intimidating or you don't know what's polite or appropriate. Here's a quick guide on contacting me to inquire about a photoshoot on Instagram!


1. Follow me! Keep in mind that even though I use social media a lot, my work usually costs hundreds of dollars. If you intend to ask me for photos for free, at the very least show me the support of following me.

2. Like a few photos - show a little activity and engagement on my photos. This goes hand in hand with #1. If you just contact me asking for photos without showing any sort of support for me as an artist, you make yourself look like you're just trying to get something from me for free, which is not cool!

3. Shoot me a DM introducing yourself. A name and where you live is a good place to start, and that you'd like to work with me. Include some of your favorite photos that I've taken so I can get an idea of what kind of shoot you'd like to do. This also shows #1 and #2, that you aren't just reaching out to a stranger to try to get something for free.

4. Be patient! I get a lot of messages and I don't always remember to read them, or I read them when I'm not busy and forget to respond when I'm free. One of the biggest turn offs is someone who messages me over and over when I haven't responded. You will have my attention when I have the time.

5. Don't take it personally if I don't respond or if I decline your request. I can't shoot with everyone who ever reaches out to me.

6. Keep following my work! If you ask me for photos and then unfollow me when I don't respond, I will always remember. Your support means the world to me, even if I am not able or looking to shoot with you, and if you withdraw your support because I don't give you a free service, that sort of thing stays in my mind.